Social Media and You – Part 03: The Mobile Platform

25 Mar 2009  |  Social Social Media

Social media has evolved to accommodate various other developments, specifically in technology. Let’s take the mobile communications industry, wherein developments have revolutionised personal communication, allowing users to contact each other, wherever they may be, even from thousands of miles away. Your mobile device is switched on for the majority of the time and, for a large percentage of mobile users, is sophisticated enough to perform advanced tasks beyond a simple telephone call or SMS. A post by Dave Duarte serves as the chief inspiration for this article.

Social media, being exactly that (social), has advanced to incorporate the mobile communications industry. Users are able to interact with social media platforms via their mobile device. Services such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Zoopy all have mobile websites that offer this functionality. This is all well and great, as long as users are aware of these platforms and know how to integrate them into their social media habits.

Conversely, mobile applications have also accommodated social media, enabling users to add value to social media conversations. For example, several Nokia mobile devices are bundled with a “share online” application, allowing for direct upload to Flickr or Vox accounts. ShoZu is another popular mobile application allowing integration between your mobile device and services such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. Twibble for Symbian mobile devices, and Twitterific for the iPhone, are just two of the many applications created for updating your Twitter status via the 4th screen (your mobile device).

I look forward to future advancements in the mobile industry and to seeing how they will impact on the web and how we use it. In an age when there are, for the most part, more mobile users than there are internet users, mobile web technology is incredibly important for the way we interact within the web, and perhaps even for the advancement of society.

Do you use your mobile device for interacting with social media platforms? If so, how and on which services? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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