Social Media and You – Part 04: World Wide White House

06 Apr 2009  |  Social Social Media

As we’re at part 4 of this post series on social media, you may be wondering “well, that’s all great, but how can it help me? Can I see an example?”. Well, every click on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or is an example of how social media can be used. The Barack Obama campaign, as well as the revamped White House website and blog, also showcase the each of social media, especially when used effectively.

Yesterday, at 6:30pm South African time (give or take a few minutes, of course), Barack Obama was sworn in as the President of the United States, along with vice-president, Joe Biden. Along with this change came a revamp of the White House website to reflect the new staff as well as keep up with the times. Having seen the success of Obama’s social media campaign (using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others), the White House has begun making use of Twitter (@TheWhiteHouse). In addition, Microsoft’s Photosynth technology has been used to assemble photographs, taken by viewers in the 2 mile-long crowd, into a large 3-dimensional photograph of the moment Obama became president.

The reach of the Obama campaign surely increased dramatically when their social media campaign kicked off. By the culmination of the campaign, their reach was so vast that the entire world stood with baited breath as Obama took up office at the White House.

A variety of popular technology websites have compared Obama’s social media campaign to McCain’s and found a definite dominance by the Obama campaign (118,107 Obama Twitter followers to McCain’s 4942ReadWriteWeb).

I look forward to watching Obama and the White House’s social media campaigns grow from strength to strength. Both are a great example of the effective potential of social media campaigns and strategies.

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