Unfinished Business

25 Mar 2010  |  Video Video Production

Nic Good, Jeremy Samson, Craig Bruton (Crute) and I are sitting in a coffee shop discussing ideas for a movie. “Big Five…” says Nic, “rock-types!” he adds. Other ideas include filming a road-trip, a climbing version of the Amazing Race, and Jeremy’s last days as a bachelor (he was a single man in those days). The whole time, I want to tell everyone about an idea I’ve had regarding the building of Table Mountain…you know the type of imagery – people having lunch on scaffolding, famous skyscrapers in progress. Eventually I find the nerve to bring it up. Fresh Air Crew has made so many cool climbing and adventure movies over the last decades, and I don’t know the first thing about making a movie. Crute and I built the Fresh Air Crew website and during that time we made lists of Fresh Air Crews achievements: 50 countries used as locations, 1.6billion viewers of FAC movies, 8 passports filled, 13 international awards…

We talk more over email, and I write the first draft of a script which is titled “Penetration Peak” on a kitesurfing trip to Mozambique. Tony Dick thinks the script is luke-warm, and Nic expresses doubt. Twakkie from the Most Amazing Show wants to get involved. Justin Hawkins is in. We get an email from Eddy Wedler (not the Pearl Jam singer) who agrees to fly out from Germany to work on the film as an intern. I talk to a Rasta outside our office and convince him that he will make a great presenter.

Day One: Aaron Hadlow
Aaron Hadlow, 5 times Kitesurfing World Champ, agrees to do some tricks over Jeremy who sits on a surfboard out at Table View while Crute films using an underwater camera. Rasta doesn’t pitch. It turns out no-one understands the basic idea and I tell my silly story about building a peak on Table Mountain a thousand times.

Soloing on Table Mountain
Its late afternoon and I am sitting at the top of Jacob’s Ladder on Table Mountain, lowering Jeremy down to the top of the 2nd pitch for the 5th time. With one hand in the rail, he takes his harness off and yells for me to pull the rope up. Jeremy’s harness appears and I have a ‘Simon Yates” moment where I feel like I have abandoned my friend. Filming Jeremy solo high up on Table Mountain is freaky, so I concentrate on the view-finder. Crute is also on Table Mountain, but he is filming a Japanese presenter for a reality TV show.
Craig Bruton
Crute and I have been partners at Refresh Creative Media for 5 years. Crute is the classic action man. He runs, swims, mountain-bikes, climbs, surfs etc. Crute has done a cheese-roll on a wind-surfer and has been to jail wearing nothing but a sombrero. Lately Crute has become a camerman so that he can still justify getting himself getting into extreme locations.
Paarl Rock
Crute is hanging three quarters of the way down a 200m rope and his legs have fallen asleep. Jeremy Samson is sweating his way up Park Life at Paarl Rocks in 35 degree heat while Crute films. This is the scene where Jeremy investigates the possibility of moving Paarl Rock to the top of Table Mountain to build the peak. I have given up telling the story to everyone and hope the editing will help.

After 6 months work, Unfinished Business the movie is finally complete and sent off to the the Film Festivals. The 23min film includes an original sound-track by Hey Papa Legend (check their website we built for them), and a polished picture by Ashika Bracher. We very proud of it.

The MCSA (check their website we built for them), who has sponsored half our intern’s rent, complains that the saying used in the movie,“If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, then move the mountain to Mohammed”, is offensive to Muslims. I pose the question to www.questionsonislam.com and get the following reply:

Dear Brother/Sister;

This expression shows the hatred and enmity that those who say these words have toward our Prophet. Those who turn their backs at his rightful cause are left in darkness. There is painful torment for them both in the world and in the Hereafter.
With our best wishes…
Questions on Islam Editor

I guess you can’t please everyone. To buy the DVD go to: unfinishedbusiness.co.za/buy-now/

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