5 Useful online tools to build a form

17 Mar 2011  |  eMarketing Web

There are several ways to build a form to collect data online. At Refresh we are used to building our own custom forms, but we have started using online form builder software for more projects. Here is an overview of some of the tools we have used and evaluated:



Our strategic partners, Creative Spark, asked us to help out with the application form for Big Brother Africa. Using Joform allowed us to quickly develop and implement the form in a very tight timeframe.

Benefits of Jotform

Gravity Forms


We use Gravity Forms on our own contact page. Gravity Forms is a paid WordPress plug-in and we think it is well worth the money.

Benefits of Gravity Forms



We have done several website polls for our clients like Big Shot Media for example. Polldaddy is brought to you by the makers of WordPress, so we think its great.

Benefits of Polldaddy

Survey Monkey


We tried out Survey Monkey for a client and it worked fine. Next time, we will stick to Gravity Forms.

Benefits of Survey Monkey



We evaluated Lime Survey when we created a survey database for the South African Studies on HIV in Adolescents (SASHA) for the Desmond Tutu Foundation. We ended up creating our own custom system that also generates PDFs because the Lime Survey system seemed very difficult to customise

Benefits of LimeSurvey

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