5 Reasons to build a Content-based Website

11 May 2011  |  eMarketing Web

1. People share content:

A site with great content is much more likely to generate social shares, and word of mouth advertising.

2. The Search Engines rank better on fresh content:

Search engines ranks sites with fresher content better, and are more likely to regularly crawl your site for updates. Content based sites also are ranked for a wider variety of search phrases that sites with a few pages.

3. People will return to your site:

As your website is frequently updated with new content, visitors are more likely to return to your site to gather more knowledge.

4. Content sites are easier to market:

A website offering useful information is easier to promote and generate traffic than a website purely based on corporate propaganda.

5. More people link to content sites:

Your content based site is also more likely to get links from other sites which increases your site rank and in turn increases traffic from the search engines.

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