A letter to Steve Jobs

27 Aug 2011  |  Design eMarketing

Steve Jobs

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say “thank you” for all of your work. Your influence on computers, design and business has had a major affect on my life.

I learnt how to use an Apple Mac when I first started working at the ad agency Tequila in Cape Town in 2000. Despite the fact that the machine was already 3 years old, it felt right for doing design work and made me feel really inspired with my new career.

I moved to London and bought an iBook which made me feel like a global citizen on the move. All my pics and music in a fancy white laptop and I could work on it too!

Back to Cape Town where I started building the Refresh business with Crute. We kept buying Macs with a few PC’s here and there too. Crute and I both read a book about you called iCon: Steve Jobs, the greatest 2nd act in the history of business. Fascinating reading for internet entrepreneurs like ourselves.

Its also amazing how often our clients use the Apple website as a reference for web-design. They point at the logo too and say how much they like it. I also like it, although I’ll never stick that white logo on the back of my car.

At Refresh we are still getting our heads around how to build apps for the iPhone and iPad. The fact that they don’t run flash means that we have ended up with more work too. At home, my wife has been using the iPad to spread the news of our new daughter’s development. All emails have a footer which declares “Sent from my iPad while breastfeeding.”

I sincerely hope that your health improves and your company continues to influence my life so positively.

Best regards,
Graham Shillington

PS. Also loved all the Pixar movies.

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