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08 Jan 2014  |  Video Video Production

In spite of this, the web remains one of the primary tools customers use to explore products and services before taking action. This makes it a race to the finish line for competing businesses to capture users’ attention first, and hold it well.

Of course, if users don’t want to read the text on your site, how exactly do you convey your message in a way they won’t just ignore?

Introducing Web Videos

More and more businesses are turning to web videos as a way to capture customers’ attention, and get their point across quickly and effectively.

Why is online video so effective?

The strength of web videos lies in three key areas:

  1. Visibility

A web video on a web page is an instant attention-grabber, whether it auto-plays or not. A user landing on your page and seeing a video is far more likely to stay around long enough to learn something about you and your brand.

  1. Succinct Information

By using a combination of animation, narration and infographics, it’s easy to direct viewers’ attention to the key points that set your business apart. Keeping things brief means you pique viewers’ interest without overwhelming them with too much detail, making it far more likely that they’ll want to find out more.

  1. Brand Personality

Video is a powerful means of getting across the personality of your brand, through animation style and well thought-out scripting. With competitors frequently offering near-identical products and services, personality can be the defining factor that makes a customer choose you. If you’re looking to be approachable, try humorous, character-driven scripts. If you prefer detached professionalism, use slick infographics, and a formal tone.


Case Study: Euphoria Cloud Communications

 The Brief:

Euphoria approached Refresh to create a web video that encapsulated not just their service offering, but their whole approach to business and their attitude towards their customers.

The Proposal:

Refresh proposed a Problem & Solution style script. Using a character-driven story to convey the fact that Euphoria understands and has experienced the problems that their customers face, Euphoria becomes seen as a solution, rather than just an alternative.

The Result:

Using humour, the resulting video not only captures the viewer’s attention, but succinctly explains the value of Euphoria. Viewers are encouraged to identify with Euphoria as a young, fun brand that understands them and their needs, and is dedicated to providing them with real solutions.

View the Euphoria web video here.

Web Videos and SEO

A little-known secret about online videos is just how effective they are at helping with search engine optimisation. There are quite a few reasons for this, including the following:

Get In on the Action

Refresh offers full concept, script, and animation services for web videos. View our portfolio of online videos here.

Interested in creating a web-video for your brand? Contact us to find out more.

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