EkoGuru – Social App for Energy Awareness

30 Jan 2015  |  Web Web Development

Refresh is excited to be involved with EkoGuru.com which is the brainchild of gamification guru Wynand Goosen who has studied gamification design in San Francisco which lead to the development of the EkoGuru web app.

EkoGuru aims to make saving energy a fun and easy habit, with the use of a social game aiming to change energy habits and reduce the reliance on dirty power. We have recently release a “Sneak Peek” of the landing page of the app here: www.ekoguru.com/sneak-peek/.

Phase 1 of the project will be launched on 28th of March during Earth Hour 2015.

Refresh is also involved in the development of the iOS app for EkoGuru, which is currently in the crowd-sourcing phase via our IndieGogo campaign. (Soon to be launched)

For more information, please view our animated explainer video below:

EkoGuru Explainer Video

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