Remarketing on Adwords & Facebook

Remarketing for Adwords and Facebook

If you’ve browsed the web recently, you have probably noticed ads sometimes start appearing for websites you’ve recently visited. This form of online advertising is known as “remarketing”, and these are very targeted campaigns designed to encourage repeat visits to a website in order to complete a sale or a particular action such as making an enquiry.

How it works

The process involves adding a piece of code on your website, which in turn creates a “cookie” identifying that a user has visited a particular website. When viewing a website that displays Google Ads (The Google Display Network), or Facebook Ads, advertising from the websites using remarketing will start displaying in your browser.

Why is it effective?

Google remarketing or Facebook’s “Custom Audiences from your Website” also allows you to build very specific audiences based on the pages that users have viewed, or the actions that they have performed. For example someone viewing the “babywear” category, can have ads targeted at “babywear”, and someone who completed a purchase, can be encouraged to write a review for the purchase in exchange for a discount coupon.

Get Started with Remarketing

Refresh offers remarketing as part of our standard e-marketing package, and we’ll create both text and image ads based on segmented user groups that we will brain storm for your company. We’ll also recommend any vital website changes that may be necessary, (Such as creating great landing pages) which will help in better converting your users into customers.

Contact Refresh now to kick-off your remarketing campaigns!


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