Accept SnapScan from your Ecommerce Website!

09 Jul 2015  |  eCommerce Web

SnapScan is the popular payment app that allows you to pay over 17,000 merchants via your mobile phone, using a merchant QR-code. They have now come up with a means of paying via the app on an SnapScan enabled ecommerce website.

Accept SnapScan via your ecommerce store
Accept SnapScan via your ecommerce store

How it works

Once you have added SnapScan as an option on your ecommerce store,  (They currently have plugins for Magento & WooComerce) your customers select SnapScan as a payment option, scan the unique QR-Code for their order, add in their SnapScan PIN, and voila you have been paid and no credit card details needed to be entered!

SnapScan also handles 3D Secure so your customers will be free from any pesky frausters.

Scan the QR-Code to make payment
Scan the QR-Code to make payment

Get it now!

SnapScan currently has plugins for Magento Commerce and WooCommerce, so contact Refresh now to get your website SnapScan enabled.

You can also Download their product PDF for more information.


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