Mobile App Development: Mobile Web, Hybrid Native, or Pure Native?

10 Jun 2016  |  Mobile Mobile & Devices


Pure Native Apps

Pure native apps, are mobile apps that have been coded in the native language of the platform. (eg. Android is coded in Java; iOS is coded in Objective C & C++) The advantages of a native app are that you have the full access to the native programming language of the mobile platform that you are targeting. This is essential for complex gaming apps, and apps requiring full native access to the phone or device features such as the camera, fingerprint sensor, dialer, or phonebook

Pure native apps are generally more expensive, more time consuming to develop, but are worthwhile in the long term for complex tasks.

Pure native apps may however not be completely necessary for simpler content driven apps, such as a news app or e-commerce app. In this case a Hybrid web-wrapper allows you to rapidly develop for all the mobile platforms using a single code-base.

Hybrid Native Apps

These apps are initially coded in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript which speeds up development, and they are then “wrapped” in a native app for deployment on your chosen mobile platforms. The obvious advantage is a single code-base to maintain, massively reducing maintenance costs and initial development costs for the app, while still providing an excellent user experience within the app for your customer.

Development using Cordova or similar Hybrid Native frameworks also means that your development team do not need to learn multiple development stacks (eg. Java, Objective C, C++) in order to create the apps. Simply having experience with HTML5 and the web wrapper will suffice to create content based apps across multiple platforms at a greatly reduced cost, and time-frame.

Mobile Web App

The mobile web is the most cost effective solution for a mobile app. Although this is merely a mobile friendly (Usually responsively designed) website – using HTML5’s touch gestures your mobile web app can function very similar to an actual app, with greatly reduced maintenance and with no user app updates required, vastly reducing the development and maintenance costs. The app could be upgraded to a hybrid native app down the line if budget allows, if coded with this in mind from the outset.

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