Top 10 Landing Page Optimisation Tricks

20 Jul 2016  |  Web Web Development

landing page optimisation

1. Create many landing pages

More landing pages result in more targeted content to your product or service. Too many products and services on a single landing page results in some targeted information displayed below the fold. When an ad is clicked and the product is not immediately visible, a large amount of users hit the back button assuming the page is not relevant to their search and the interaction will be lost.

2. Less is more

Remove any information that is not directly related to what you are trying to accomplish. Keep your text and images to the point.

2. Remove unnecessary links

Many landing pages have taken to removing the main navigation completely. These links lead to distraction and they may abandon the page without converting.

3. Headlines matter

Match your headline to your call to action. When people click an ad and don’t immediately see the product or service offered they lose trust and feel confusion. Many will just hit the back button and disappear forever into the interwebs.

4. Related media

Ensure the media you display is directly related to the service/product you are offering. An example of your work for instance, for a portfolio site.

5. Shorten your forms

People won’t fill out forms that appear to be time consuming. Only ask for what you need and if you require a lot of fields, make the form appear shorter by reducing the spacing between fields. The less space your form covers on the page the less you appear to be asking for. The form and call to action should still stand out clearly.

6. Testimonials work

Include testimonials to reduce user anxiety, and create social proof.

7. Add proof elements

People have become resistant to handing out their details because it leads to spam. Offer a privacy message or a link to a privacy policy so the visitors know their information is safe and secure, and will above all not be shared.

8. Call to action buttons

Don’t come on too strong but maintain a firm understanding of what it is that they can expect from you. If they are submitting their details to get more info don’t use “buy now” or “order now”. Try using “Get more info” or “Request a Quote”. Make sure the button is big, bold, and colourful, it must look like a clickable button.

9. Social Sharing

Include social sharing buttons and a forwarding email option. People like to share cool stuff!

10. Emphasise the Benefits

State the benefits in a short paragraph and highlight the value of your offer. Combine this with an incentive to complete the form. (Like a free PDF download, or voucher)


Have a look at some of our own landing pages below:

Feel free to add any additional ideas you have in the comments below! To get Refresh to design you an optimised and conversion friendly landing page, contact us here.

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