Local Storage on Mobile & Browser Apps

January 30, 2017

The latest browsers & mobile platforms offer local storage, and caching functionality that is extremely powerful for app development especially in low-bandwidth environments such as South Africa.

The majority of mobile and browser based applications require a constant, uninterrupted internet connection to function without on screen errors. What if you could download content when connected to a stable wifi hotspot, work with the content, and then upload your data when connected again?

The latest HTML5 browsers, and mobile operating systems (Android & iOS) offer great technology for storing data locally on your device until there is a stable connection for sending the data up to a server. This is called local caching, and can be enormously powerful in low bandwidth areas such as South Africa.

The data is stored on a local database (Either in the browser or smartphone database), which can then be synchronised with a cloud based server (Like Amazon Cloud Storage) when a connection is available. The data can consist of video, data, or images and the device can also send low file-size data on a unstable connection and only send high-filesize items once a stable connection or wifi connection is established.

Want to discuss how this technology can be used in your business? Refresh has built several apps utilising this functionality, so please give us a shout to discuss!


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