South African Android App Developers can now sell apps on the SA Play Store

07 Nov 2017  |  Mobile Mobile & Devices

It’s been a long time coming, but it should be a big boost to the South African mobile app development community. Developers or companies are now able to sell apps on the South African Google Play store, and also offer in-app payments, or app subscriptions via a Google merchant account. Previously Google provided very little support for South African Android developers, but now they can sell apps without having to jump through various hoops to register a company in the UK or US in order to make money through apps on Google Play.

Although Google takes a hefty 30% of the sale of any app, the ability to now sell apps on the Play Store should improve the quality of apps on the SA Play store, and incentivise companies to develop more South African specific apps. Apple has allowed purchases of apps or in-app purchases since 2012, but Google has only this week allowed developers this opportunity.

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