How video creation has become easier on phones

17 Apr 2018  |  Mobile Mobile & Devices Video

Whether you are just taking some footage of friends, or planning an entire digital marketing campaign, the days of needing qualifications in video editing or top of the range equipment are long gone. Of course, there is still a place for high-end videos but much of what is needed can be filmed and edited using your phone.

Smartphones have taken the place of many gadgets over time – including mp3 players, games consoles and even alarm clocks! Now there are enough really good video editing apps that can be downloaded onto your phone, so you can produce high quality, high resolution content with a device that you always have with you.

Everyone can be a creator

If you are serious about video content – for vlogs or marketing uses – then it is a good idea to invest in equipment like tripods, extension cables and microphones. Such items are much cheaper than the very best editing software and computers that were once needed to produce high-quality video.

Create like a pro

There will always be a need for highly talented content creators but with a video maker app on your smartphone you can produce visually stunning work to fit any remit. That can save a lot of money for marketing and allows you to concentrate on what kind of content you want to produce rather than thinking of the bottom line all the time – and small businesses do need to think of how to stretch their finances.

What to look for in an app

There are plenty of apps on the market for both iOS and Android devices and many of them are free to download. There will probably be in-app purchases but with most of the good ones you have the basics included that allows you to do most of what is needed. You will want to be able to trim and cut and render within the app – but look to see if you can also adapt for specific platforms, such as square videos for Instagram or 16:9 that YouTube works with.

Be sociable

Another plus point when it comes to using apps rather than expensive editing software is the great ability to share your video content immediately. Whether you prefer to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – or a whole host of other social media platforms – your smartphone app can be linked up so that as soon as you have finished editing you are able to get your video out there. These apps and phones are intuitive so there isn’t the need to learn how to do that.

Go and create!

It has never been easier to create really good video. Having the power and capability in your own smartphone would seem unbelievable only a few years ago but you can now meet many of your needs in this way. For results that are more sophisticated and professional looking you could also use a camcorder, but for anyone working on a budget your smartphone app will produce great results at little cost.

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