Firebase Cloud Messaging

07 Dec 2018  |  Mobile Mobile & Devices

Firebase cloud messaging provides a way of sending push notifications to Android, iOS or web apps using their software development kit (SDK) or via their powerful notifications composer.

Using audiences created in Firebase, you can target your app users down to a granular level. For example in a food ordering app, you can create an audience of users that have ordered in a particular area – for example Muizenberg, Cape Town. However, if clients have not ordered from your app in 90 days it will prompt them to re-order.

Audiences in Firebase allow you to build these segmented users based on actions and/or events they perform in the app. These events can be a button click, a login, a share, or a value submitted in a form for example.

These messages can be triggered automatically via your environment or CMS based on certain conditions, (The user enters a certain location for example) or you can use the in-built notifications composer in Firebase to compose your message, select your targeted users, schedule or send immediately, and then apply a conversion event if users click on the notification. Conversion events then appear in Firebase for that campaign.

The other great part about push notifications is that they are free; saving you huge costs on alternative communication methods such as SMS’s. They are also interactive as you can direct users to your app, or to a specific screen in your app when they click on the notification.

With push notifications it is important to not overuse them, as the user can easily switch them off!

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