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12 Jul 2019  |  Mobile Mobile & Devices


In short, the cost of a mobile app is based on the amount of time it takes to create. All of our app projects go through a design and development process to ensure we develop world-class products – we just like building quality products. Below is a cost breakdown of the different types of apps.

Very Simple App

Often with a big idea you want to do minimal development to test your app out in the market. This allows us to gain insight from the users and to iterate and grow on the basic app idea accordingly. These apps often have a single, very simple function to begin, which is expanded on as budget becomes available or a clearer understanding of the project road-map is decided. Once the return on investment for the app is realised, the app could go through further iterations to increase the list of features. These apps are generally minimum viable products.

Simple App

This could be a further iteration of your app prototype, or simply a more complex prototype or app. An example is a service listing app where customers can search and view service providers.

Fairly complex app

These are apps that have proved themselves to offer return on investment, and are now entering the phase where they are market ready. Or it could be an idea where the customer has enough confidence in their product that they are willing to commit the financial resources needed to fully execute a complex app. An example app in this category is one where a user can browse and pay for services, and the app has a web-based content management system.

Complex App

These apps have proven their return on investment via phased releases, and are now offering a full featured service offering to both customers, and potentially service providers . This may include an additional app for the service provider to manage their services.

Extremely Complex App

These are apps comparable to Uber, Facebook, or Airbnb, and have already gone through a series of releases. A customer ready version would be available from 6 months, but the app would require ongoing support and feature updates as demanded by the high user base.


As you can see, costing ranges quite dramatically depending on the complexity of an app idea. These pricing categories are estimated and merely provided to give a ball-park idea on the cost to create a mobile or web application. As software is highly customised and usually built from scratch, each app has it’s own price according to the features list.

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