Flutter – Google’s recent innovation for mobile, web, and desktop apps

18 Jul 2019  |  Mobile Mobile & Devices Web

Flutter is a SDK (Software Development Kit) developed by Google that assists in quickly developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Flutter will also serve as a SDK for the development of apps on top of Google Fuchsia which is an operating system currently in development by Google which has the potential to run on desktops, mobile devices, info-tainment systems for cars, and embedded devices like traffic lights, and digital watches.

Flutter has been adopted quickly by the app development community, and the distribution rate of Flutter on the Google Play store and Apple App store is expanding rapidly. BMW has recently announced it’s Flutter app and Reflectly  – a mindfulness app – has described their success with Flutter.

Some of the Advantages of Flutter

Flutter disadvantages

In conclusion, we feel at Refresh that Flutter has many advantages to creating beautiful, high performance mobile apps in record time. Feel free to contact us about how we can assist in creating your app in Flutter. To get an idea of the cost range of your app, please have a look at our app costing structure here.


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