How Refresh can help in the New COVID-19 World

By Craig Bruton: Director Refresh Creative Media

Everyone has experienced dramatic changes in their personal and professional worlds due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To contain the virus, our personal freedoms have been compromised due to necessary restrictions, and our workplaces have been impacted.

The pandemic will change the business landscape forever in terms of the way businesses communicate, the way we purchase and consume products, and the products that will be effective in a COVID-19 world.

Of course, there will be a huge shift to move everything online. This will include online conferencing now more than ever, as companies have been forced to meet online. Companies will become accustomed to meeting via web conference and this will become the norm in a post Covid world.

Web-based or cloud based software will become even more popular as companies and people require flexibility to work online from any location and with any device. Online learning systems are becoming essential, as schools and especially universities have no option but to move all their teaching online.

Communication is key during these times, as information about the pandemic needs to reach people at scale, and companies need to communicate changes to their adapted services and products.

We’ve outlined some of our Refresh products that we have created and adapted for our customers for during and post COVID-19.


1. Nimble – Learning Management System

Nimble is a web and mobile-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) created by the Refresh studio.

The LMS is an effective tool for staff training and development.

Nimble LMS is software as a service, with a subscription model to suit all businesses.

Nimble has the following features:

View more information and pricing here on Nimble.

Contact us to arrange a demo of Nimble.

2. AI Powered Chatbots

Businesses worldwide are developing chatbots that offer quick artificial intelligence powered answers to very common customer questions and requests.

These chatbots can provide very simple distribution of information via an easy to use menu system, or can be integrated with company systems to perform tasks such as ordering a new card, accessing your balance, or obtaining store locations or opening times.

These chatbots can be easily distributed across WhatsApp, your website chat, or other social media channels such as Facebook Messenger.

Refresh has recently released a chatbot for Pick n Pay which assists their customers with information about COVID-19, have a look at more detail here.

Contact us now for a demo of our chatbot work, and to discuss how we can make this technology work for your company.

View more here to go in depth with how a chatbot works.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Advertising is becoming key to communicating updates on your services and products to your customers based on the changes to your business due to COVID-19.

Adwords is a very cost effective and targeted method of gaining new customers, through keywords they type into the Google search engine.

Refresh has over 10 years of experience in implementing effective Paid Search Campaigns for our customers, and we have a dedicated team of Google Certified engineers.

View more information on our Pay Per Click packages here, and our service page for Pay Per Click advertising here.

You can also contact us now to get your ads running.

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