The End of an Era!

09 Feb 2022  |  Uncategorised

Finally calling it a day, and admitting defeat can be one of the most difficult things to do, but I have finally decided after 20+ years to call it a day on Refresh.

Running a small business in South Africa can be challenging, but it teaches resilience that can be used in your future endeavours. It also teaches you how to manage stress, deal with difficult situations calmly, and stay motivated through situations that feel impossible to resolve.

The current environment in South Africa, unfortunately does not lend itself to running a small business. Covid-19 brings with it budget cuts to projects, and load shedding reduces productivity. I do believe the tide is turning in South Africa, so hopefully things will start to change for small business owners.

Right now however, the  financial obligations that come with running a small business have become too much to handle. Having the burden of paying salaries each month is a huge weight on one’s mind, that does not get easier to grasp.

Being responsible for your employees and their families is not something I take lightly, and when this responsibility is not met it is almost too much to bear.

I thank all of my employees, customers, and partners for the journey of over 20+ years that Refresh has taken me on.

Onward and upward!

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