Our professional team is multi-skilled and are passionate about their work.

  • Craig

    Director /
    Client Liaison

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  • Melissa

    Project Manager /
    Client Liaison

  • Sarah

    SEO Specialist /
    Account Manager

  • Michele

    Lead UX/UI Designer

  • Holly

    UX/UI Designer

  • Stefan

    Back-end Developer /
    App Developer

  • Tom

    Back-end Developer /
    App Developer

  • Diamond

    Back-end Developer /
    App Developer

  • Jacinto

    Back-end Developer /
    App Developer

  • Alex

    Front-end Developer

  • Tracey

    Copywriter /
    Content Specialist

  • David

    Social Media /
    SEO Specialist

  • Sharon

    Office Manager

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Featured Work

Pick n Pay Mentorship App

An app to support the Pick n Pay Mentorship program.

Imano Mobile App

A mobile application and content management system for Imano.

Imano Website

A promotional website for the mobile application and content management system we are building for Imano.