Pick n Pay Chatbot

An immersive way to communicate with customers.

We proposed a Whatsapp chatbot to Pick n Pay to encourage a comprehensive customer experience.
What we did

UX design


App development

With the use of our knowledge on Pick n Pay products and services, we did extensive research on chatbot development for retail stores. We considered conversational design standards to ensure the chatbot is natural and intuitive for users.

Combined, this allowed us to create a user experience suited to the needs of Pick n Pay customers.

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The Pick n Pay Chatbot allows customers to view store information nearby by dropping a location pin in WhatsApp or by providing their address. Customers can also view Coronavirus FAQs, and be transferred directly to a live agent within WhatsApp to handle any other queries.

Chatbot link

Hi, Craig. Just thought you’d like to know, initial feedback is that the (chat)bot is fantastic.

Bruce Norris

Senior Information Systems Manager, Pick n Pay

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