Chatbot App Development

Using Google machine learning technology , Refresh is a chatbot development company that can create rich conversational interfaces on your customers preferred communication channel.

Chatbots use natural language processing (Text or voice) to assist customers with queries. The conversations are interpreted into customer intents, and the entities needed for the transaction to take place.

For example:
Customer: What is my account balance?
Chatbot: Please provide your account number so we can assist you.
Customer: 123456
Chatbot: Your balance is R567.00

The question is broken down into the intent (What is my balance) and the compulsory entity (Account number), and the data is retrieved from the system. In this case more security may also need to be provided.

Refresh can assist in the following:

  • Creation of the chatbot agent which can then be distributed across your chosen messaging channels, for example: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Slack (For teams), Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Twitter, Skype etc. The Chatbot is independent of the channel so it can be easily replicated across new channels in future.
  • Setup of the intents, such as retrieving balance, getting store locations, getting pricing information, or getting the right contact information, and the creation of learning phrases for the machine learning system.
  • Setup of the entities tied to an intent. For example for pricing: product name/category, product size, delivery area are compulsory entities for a pricing request. Gaps for required entities are filled conversationally by asking the user further questions.
  • Integration with your systems to access the information the customer needs based on the intents, and entities, and return it in a conversational format.

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Our Giftcard Chatbot

To try out our demo Giftcard chatbot please do the following:

  • Add this number to your contacts: +27 60 070 2536 (Demo account)
  • Open the chat for this contact in WhatsApp
  • Greet the chatbot (Hi, hello, how are you doing) – you will then get a list of what you can do.
  • Then use the Giftcard number 7270028828991215305 for any of your queries for example:
    • Get card information 7270028828991215305
    • Activate card 7270028828991215305
    • Load R400 onto card 7270028828991215305

Please note: This is a demo chatbot for a Giftcard product. No actual transactions occur.

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