Our Process

Step 1: Talk it out
Think of this step as kind of like a first date – it’s all about getting to know each other. We’ll ask clever questions about your business and your explainer video hopes and dreams, and you get to ask us about deliverables and budgets.

It’s totally romantic. After our meeting, we’ll send you a formal proposal (diamond ring not included).

Step 2: Get the goods
Once you’ve signed off on things like costs and deadlines, it’s time to dig into the details your video needs to convey. We’ll refine your precise message and tone, any characters you’ll need, and the content that you’d like us to include.

Step 3: Make magic
Our third step is where all the fun stuff starts to happen. Our creative team brainstorms a unique concept and storyline which our writers transform into a one-of-a-kind script.

This is passed on to our storyboard artists, who design and illustrate your characters and scenes in a series of stills. You’ll then get the chance to make tweaks and changes – we won’t move on until you’re 100% happy.

Step 4: Give it life!
Once the script and storyboard have been signed off, it’s time for us to bring your video to life. For us, that means getting the narration recorded by a voice artist of your choice (ask us for recommendations), passing the storyboard on to our animators to work their wonders, and adding sound effects and background music to the finished product.

For you, it means watching the bits and pieces from Steps 1 – 3 come together in a glorious union of awesome results.

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