Why develop web applications in the cloud?

Web or cloud-based applications, are easier to maintain than traditional software, as your customers don’t need to concern themselves with updating & maintaining the software. Cloud based software is also more accessible, as the customer only requires a recent browser to run the software, and data is all saved and backed-up online.

Web applications are also usually much more cost effective to develop, using open-source web frameworks.

Features of our web applications:

  • Progressive web app technology, ensuring a super-fast user friendly experience for the customer
  • Full customisation of the front-end customer facing website
  • Easy to use back-end, with all items content managed
  • Role-based admin backend with approval of content items, and user administration area
  • Analytics panels
  • An API to ensure the backend data can be used on other software (Such as Android or iOS apps)
  • Developed in  popular open-source frameworks

Have a look at some of our web applications here.