Our Design Process

Refresh works in a structured website design process, including:

  • Analysis: We discuss the purpose and goals of your website, and identify the target audience.
  • Initial planning: A decision is made on the sitemap of your new website, the structure, and potential technologies to be used.
  • Design: Before we start on the visual elements, we ensure that the site has great usability with the use of wire-frame models.
  • Content: In this step we decide on the type of content for your website, optimised for users and the search engines.
  • Development: Using mobile compatible responsive design techniques, we develop your website and link it to the content management system. (CMS)
  • Testing: We do extensive testing, to ensure your website is compatible with all browsers and devices and at this stage also check whether it fulfils its overall purpose.
  • Deployment: With correct website monitoring, we can fix any bugs once it is launched. as well as do regular maintenance to ensure it grows with your business.

For more information on our website design, please download this PDF.