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Imano Mobile App

A mobile application and content management system for Imano.

The Objective

To create a service for deliver digital content to students via a mobile application and content management system. To provide a tool for students to collaborate and share content, and for institutions to easily communicate with students on a faculty level.


The Work

The Mobile App

The Imano mobile app allows students to register as part of their institution, and gain access to books and materials assigned to them via their learning institution’s faculty.  The bookstore provides a listing of all books available at no cost and for purchase, and students can download the book to their device, and read offline using the app. Students have access to their course books as well as similar course books recommended to them.

The Edge+ section provides learning material and useful articles to the students, including video, audio and images.

The Content Management System

The Imano content management system provides institutions with a web-based tool to deliver content to students at a department level. Books are loaded via the popular EPUB format, which allows the books to be divided into chapters and allows students to leave comments on the book, and highlight sections of the book.

Institutions can manage their departments, courses and students via a user friendly web-based dashboard. Access can also be granted at a department level in each institution.

Content providers not part of an institution can load books into the Imano system for students to purchase or view at no charge.

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