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26 Feb 2018


Mama money was conceived as an idea by two Cape Town entrepreneurs as a facility for Zimbabwean expats to easily and cost effectively transfer money to relatives and friends in their own country.


Refresh consulted with the guys at Mama money to construct detailed wire-frames and website process diagrams in order to effectively plan the website interface to be as user-friendly as possible.

The users to the website were identified by the analytics reports to be largely on mobile devices, so the priority was to ensure the site content is easily viewable on all mobile devices, with desktop as the second priority. The information also needed to be explained in a non-technical format, for users that were not experienced online users.

The Work

Using a payment API developed by the talented guys at Electrum Payments  we developed the money transfer system, which allows users to setup an order and transfer money easily to relatives in Zimbabwe and beyond.

We developed a backend authentication system, (Called CLAIRE) which allowed call centre agents to easily approve and manage customers, and updated their contact and address information.

The project is ongoing and Refresh enjoys a positive working arrangement with this up and coming money transfer business.

How to send money page
How to send money page

The Mama money website provides detailed information on how to make payments in all of the methods available.

Get a quote page
Get a quote page

Users can get a live quote in USD and ZAR before they send their money.

Create money order page
Create money order page

We developed an easy to use interface with emphasis on mobile friendliness, to send money to recipients.


FAQ page
FAQ page

A detailed FAQ page offers answers to the most asked questions.


What they said

“Hello dear Refresh team!

The whole Mama Money crew would like to thank you for your dedicated work on the new Homepage!

Everyone really loves it and its a great new addition to our service!

Thanks to everyone involved for your dedicated work, time spent, ideas had and magic that has happened!

We really appreciate it!

Mama and team!”

“Mama Money has been working together with Refresh since the early design phases. The Refresh team has been a dedicated partner, always open to hear ideas and always honest with feedback. The technical implementation has been smooth, we have worked together to arrive at a product that we are all very happy with and excited to present to customers. What we really like about working with Refresh is the personal contact and the quick response time to queries and requests. We have recommended Refresh on to interested parties and we will continue to do so in the future. We are one happy customer”

Raphael Grojnowski & Matthew Coquillon.
Founders of Mama Money.

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