SA Visa Experts Visa Portal

06 Jan 2018


SA Visa Services approached Refresh to create a portal focusing on making the process of obtaining a South African visa as easy as possible.

The Work

The SA Visa Experts web app starts with a simple sign-up process, and a graphic based flow to either get help on what  visa they require, or download and submit the relevant documents directly to SA Visa Experts for approval.

The initial screen after sign-up allows you to choose whether you need help on the visa required, or with to continue to download and submit the documentation.

If you know what visa you need, you can select the relevant visa and you’ll be directed to complete the assessment and forms required for that visa.

The assessment questionnaire for the visas is designed to be user friendly and fun to complete. The user can save at any time and return by logging into the system to continue where they left off. A simple progress indicator keeps the user motivated to complete the assessment!

At a certain point in the process the user is required to make payment based on the services they need from SA Visa Experts. This is done using a simple popup using Stripe as the payment gateway.

The SA Visa Experts content management system (Built using Laravel) allows our client to view all leads through the system, answer customer queries, and keep track of payments. All queries and notifications are done through the platform via branded email communication.

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