26 Oct 2016


In partnership with Brand Foundry, created a combined website for the Know Your City project and Slum Shack Dwellers International.

The key users were identified as those seeking updates on the various countries that SDI represents, information about SDI and their focus areas, data from the Know Your City project, as well as publications generated by the company.

The Work

Refresh applied the new branding, and created interactive data driven info-graphics for the various data pages for the settlements, and cities. The complexity and sheer amount of data required some innovative caching technology, as well as the facility to update the website with the new data once available.

Interactive maps were used to link content with visual maps, and info-graphics were used to represent the data in a visual form.

SDI International

Thank you one and all for all your hard work. I’m sure everyone is more or less sleep deprived! Great team work and well done!!!

Anni Beukes
Programme Officer
SDI International


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