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Refresh have a team of experts to improve your search engine profile through a holistic strategy of content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC and organic optimisation techniques.

The team at Refresh has developed a variety of techniques over the last 8 years to ensuring our client websites get the visibility they deserve on the search engines and social media channels. We’ve described a couple of the techniques used below.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A top ranking in the organic search engine results pages (SERPs) is always an essential long-term strategy for any business with an online presence. As Google’s search algorithm changes, techniques need to be adapted to ensure your website’s ranking is maintained. The first step is keyword research, and this is an essential step in establishing the types of keywords your customers are using to find your business, but also establishing the keywords that will bring the best results.

Choosing the most searched keywords is not always the best solution. Keywords should be chosen based on the number of websites competing for the keyword, the relevance to your business, and the likelihood of a person completing a goal on your website or making a purchase after arriving on your website.

Once the keyword list has been established, keywords should be inserted into your website content to ensure they are relevant to the keyword. This however is not enough to achieve a ranking for the keywords, we need to then ensure your website has other high-ranking websites linking to the page preferably using the researched keywords, and this is where the link-building and content marketing strategy comes into play.

Content Marketing & Link Building

Content marketing involves creating useful content on your website to attract users, who can then be converted to customers. Work out what your customers are interested in, and provide this content in the form of articles, info-graphics, or videos. Once they are on your website, then find ways to tempt them to perform the desired actions on your website, such as purchasing a product, learning about your services, or completing an enquiry form.

Link building involves building your websites profile, by linking to your website from other reputable and relevant companies. Links then transfer “link juice” to your website, which will in turn increase your “PageRank” and ultimately your organic search engine ranking. This is an essential part of SEO, which is often neglected, and should form part of any successful organic search optimisation campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising is an extremely targeted, and effective form of online advertising. Using a variety of PPC tools, you can target very specific audiences with a high return on investment. The key part of PPC, is to build these audiences, and serve ads that are very relevant to their needs.

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC tool, and it provides a number of options to create audiences and serve relevant ads. Standard ad campaigns involve the creation of specific adgroups, which display ads only when certain keywords are typed into the search engines, whereas display ads can be loaded onto the Google Display Network and are targeted based on the users interests, demographics, and location.

Re-marketing is an extremely effective tool that displays ads only at visitors that have previously visited your website. Within this audience, users who only viewed a specific product or page can be further targeted if you have enough traffic to your website.

Dynamic keyword insertion ads, involve creating ads that insert search keywords into the ads and make them very relevant to the users search, which increases the likelihood of a user clicking on the ad substantially.

Using a variety of these methods Pay Per Click advertising can yield excellent results, with a spend that is based on your budget allowances.

Social Media Marketing

Building a relevant social media profile, can tie in with the content marketing strategy by posting useful content for your customers to consume. It is important to keep the amount of marketing information to a minimum, and rather concentrate on increasing your audience on the social media channels.

Creating a “conversation calendar” at the beginning of the month, allows you to pre-load scheduled posts for the month which greatly reduces your workload. Writing ad-hoc posts to respond to current trends and news is also essential to ensure your channels stay fresh, as well as responding quickly to customer comments and escalating comments to the correct customer service department where necessary.

Google Analytics

Analytics and reporting are key to tracking your users behaviour and interests, and can be used to further enhance your websites performance. The first step is determining the types of views needed to analyse the traffic on your website. These views could include mobile traffic, users from a particular area or country, specific languages, or specific interests. Using the data from these views allows you to then segment the reports and tailor your website to meet the demands of those users.

Goals can track certain tasks that users perform on your website. (For example buying a product, or submitting an enquiry form) If you are using PPC campaigns, users can be tracked from the initial ad click all the way through to the enquiry, and by assigning a realistic monetary value to these tasks you can get a very accurate idea of your return on investment for your online campaigns.

e-Commerce Strategies

Search strategies and analytics reporting are particularly important for e-commerce websites, as it directly influences the sales on your website. Dynamic keyword insertion campaigns, and re-marketing campaigns are extremely effective to serve ads relating to the actual products that a searcher are trying to locate.

Analytics reporting for e-commerce websites has come a long way, and by implementing e-commerce tracking on your online store, you can link the effectiveness of your campaigns to actual sales, and customer behaviour.


Using a combination of the techniques above, we can attract immediate results with PPC campaigns, and long terms results with your organic search ranking. With intelligent reporting your website enhancements can be based on the actual usage to ensure it is money well spent.

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