The Pulse App

The Pulse app combines events, competitions, and news related to the outdoor sport industry.


Trevor Ball of Energy Events has worked with Refresh for over 10 years, and recently wanted to enter the app space with an app to promote his events and other outdoor events around South Africa.

The Work

The objective of the project in phase 1 was to create an easy to use app to for outdoor enthusiasts to stay updated on outdoor events, news, and competitions.

The events area allows you to add the event to your device calendar, book online for the event, and view past events and event detail information.

The event filter facility, allows filtering by date, province, sport type, and organiser.

The news section displays news based on your sport type preferences.

The competitions area is designed to work with photo based competitions, and allows Pulse to create a competition and the athlete to enter the competition (Using their profile details) and upload a photo that may have been taken at an event.

The staff at Pulse also have access to a full-featured content management system for the app, which allows them to add events, event categories, sport types, organisers, news, competitions (And download competition entrants), as well as send segmented push notifications to athletes registered on the app. (By athlete preferences and area)

The Pulse App is available on Google Play & in the Apple App Store.

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