Wolf Brothers Jewellers

01 Mar 2011


Wolf Brothers Jewellers is a well established, trusted family business in South Africa specialising in engagement rings, diamond rings, fine jewellery and designer watches.

What we did

Refresh was originally asked in 2007 to revamp the Wolf Brothers Jewellers website in Magento Commerce.

Since 2007 we have worked on the search engine ranking of their website, increasing the knowledge based through the diamond education area, and building a online diamond search facility where users can search for a diamond, fit it to a ring design, and purchase online.

Wolf Brothers
Wolf Brothers Home page

 Search Engine Optimisation

Traffic to the Wolf Brothers website increased 26 times from when we originally took over the website in 2007, and we achieved this with organic search optimisation as well as developing a content and link building strategy for Wolf Brothers around diamond education and resources.

Diamond Search Facility

Refresh designed and developed a diamond search facility for Wolf Brothers, which allows users to search for a diamond based on clarity, shape, and price. The diamond is then matched to appropriate ring styles for the diamond shape, and the metal can then be selected and added to the order. This is the first such search facility available in South Africa, and Refresh and Wolf Brothers were very happy with the result!

Wolf Brothers Diamond Search
Diamond Search


Wolf Brothers Diamond Search
Ring Selection


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